Complete Idiot's Guide to Glide Sheet

Hello Gliders,

Could never really decide before whether I should start my own concepts (@Jeff_Hager) or experiments (@Robert_Petitto). They are complete guides in their own right, and I have learned a lot from their tutorials.

Now that Glide Sheet is here, I thought why not since I know this glide editor like the back of my hand.

So for all newbies like myself (I joined this place in April of this year), there is now a “complete idiot’s guide to GS”. I will be adding exiting new stuff every now and then (and some editor tricks that I know). Already you can learn to build your own calculator, earnings calculator, paging etc from a Glide Sheet. I don’t plan to use google sheet examples (sorry).

Anyone interested in learning more about GS tricks and making the switch from Google sheets to GS is more than welcome to download the app.

Thank you


Thanks @Wiz.Wazeer

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