Complete Idiot's Guide to Glide Sheet

Hi, I cannot access your app. Can you post again the link please?


Oh sorry. I had no choice but to delete the link. I don’t know what happened but despite repeated requests to make a copy and to work on their own copy, some folks :joy: kept working directly on my copy, in the end and until everything got messed up as most of the tutorials were on new date calculations and +_. I also got tired of fixing it because it had a lot of interlinked sections

In fact, now I’m going around asking folks if anyone has a copy of my copy so I could add tutorials on the latest releases. Would save me a lot of time.:joy:.

There are two really good ones whose tutorials you can benefit from. One is, and

Thank you, and really sorry.

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Not sure what I have a copy of but it has your name on it and I know I didn’t dick around with it. If you want it, and can tell me how to get it to you, it’s always been yours.


Your so nice! it would save a lot of time rebuilding it…I can just add all the latest stuff!

Thank you @Les_Henderson for sharing a copy with me! Really appreciate it!