Company Directory + App Users

The User database in my app has a Relational column that relates to people in our company directory by name. It then has a column that is a Lookup to find the email address through the company directory relation.

When I set the User table as the source for “Users & Authentication” in settings, I get this error trying to login:

Is there a problem with my User email value being based on a Lookup?

You have your app set to Private. Which table are you using as your whitelist table? That whitelist table, and your user profile table in general need a basic email column to function correctly.

On a side note, I do not recommend using Name to create relations. If a name ever changes, it will break relations. You should be using ID’s, which will never change.

The Company Directory has the basic email. But the whitelist should be the User table.

The project mgmt app has a Choice in the app to add a user by pulling the name from the directory.

But I can’t figure out how to write a basic email address into the User table, utilizing data from the directory.

Can you show screenshots of the Privacy configuration and the User Profile configuration?

You’ve already stated that it needs to be a basic e-mail, which I also tested and confirmed to be true.

I just can’t figure out a way for the app user to choose a name from the company directory collection and have the directory contacts e-mail written into the User table’s basic e-mail column.

Your Users table needs at least 3 basic columns and I would recommend 4 just to be safe:

  • Basic text for Name
  • Basic email for Email
  • Basic image for Image
  • Basic text for Role

Then configure your User Profile screen accordingly.

I’m not sure 100% that Name, Image and Role in the Users table need to be basic, perhaps they could be computed. Role is a restriction so it most probably needs to be a basic column. The Email column needs to be a basic column when your settings have a restriction on the email address (emails in a whitelist or restriction to a domain name).

Wrong way. If the app is set to private or if there is a restriction on the email address, then the app will automatically write email addresses to the Email column in the dedicated Users table.

They must all be non-computed columns.

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OK I figured it out. When the app user selected a directory contact from the collection choice I realized I could write the value of the directory e-mail (rather than the directory contact name) into a basic email column in my User table and also continue to display the directory name in the collection choice.

Now my user table is based on the e-mail address rather than the name.

Here is where I WAS passing the wrong value, and now it shows i’m writing the correct directory email address to the User table.

This was really just novice user error.


I can confirm that computed columns values do not work for user authentication log-in.

It makes sense for Email and Role, maybe a little less so for Name and Image. But it’s true it feels a profile shouldn’t be computed on a device on the fly :slight_smile:

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