Public Users email collection

Good afternoon. I’m looking for the proper documentation that outlines how I may solve my issue as described below.
My app is a listing service for businesses. I have businesses listed in a user table with email among other data about their business so they can go right into the app to update address, services, contact info, etc… I would like to have public users singing in with email on the very first sign-in only, but I also need to have that email address data go into a completely separate table, not the user table. I’m sure there is a document explaining the procedure that makes this happen, I just need to find it. Thanks

New user sign-ins will always write a new row to your User Profiles table (I assume you have created that already).

What I think you are doing here is having the businesses in one table and users in another table? The easiest way is to just use one User Profiles table for them and identify them by a “Type” column (either Business or Table).

If you still want to separate them, I think you can have an onboarding process for users and add an add row action at the end of that process to add a row to your “Users” table.


I have one table but the biggest problem is the public visitors using my directory are causing additional lines where my member businesses are listed when they sign in! I wanted to collect emails from the public non-member visitors on the very first log-in but not at the expense of my listings view. see the empty spaces after Road Test Help in the attached picture.

Then just add a boolean column, call it “Business Boolean”, check all those that are businesses and filter your list here by “Business Boolean” is true.