Community Digest: New Note component, Thrive series for Experts

Welcome back to Monday! :raised_hands:

Here’s a rundown of what’s been happening at Glide over the last week.

Preview: Note component :memo:

The new Note component lets you add a visual WYSIWYG text editor to your apps. It includes a rich set of formatting options for headings, lists, and more. Note data is stored in a text column using markdown.

Learn more about the new Note component in our docs.

Glide Thrive: New event series for Experts :star2:

Join @BrettH, Glide’s Head of Experts, for this new event series showing you how to level up your no-code agency. We’ll unpack Expert-specific topics like closing better deals and managing clients.

RSVP for our first Thrive session this Wednesday, July 19th. We’re talking about using AI to meet your clients’ needs and fuel your agency’s growth.

Showcase: Turn your Glide data into PDFs :bookmark_tabs:

DocsAutomator is a popular Glide integration that lets you turn Glide data into PDFs. @Rupert, the founder of DocsAutomator, has been active here in the forum, sharing demos and answering questions. Go say hi!

Community Challenge: Glide + AI :robot::brain:

Our latest challenge invites you to share how you’re using AI in your Glide apps.

The deadline is this Friday, so you still have some time to get your entries in.

Shipped: New Glide features & bug fixes :ship:


  • More control over which of your users can access Add Comment.


  • Empty inline comments component taking up too much space.
  • Forcing row owners into owned rows from the Data Editor. Before, if you added a new row into a table with row owners but didn’t set the row owner, Glide set the “view as” user into all row columns.
  • Choice component not showing options. In some instances, the choice component was not showing if the options table was different than the current table.

That’s it for today. Have a great week! :coffee:


Thanks for the shoutout @NoCodeAndy !!

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Looks good to know that what have been shipped.

Good iniative.

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Is it possible to add the option to center wording in the notes component?

Sounds like something you should post in Feature Requests ! :slight_smile:

I just tried this component, see image below:


But it just shows up as a text field and none of the markdown functions are appearing. Did I miss something?

If you try to edit the text inside of it, it should show the formatting options.

Is the component inside of a container by chance?

When i edited, nothing appeared and yes, it’s inside a container.

Try taking it out of the container.

No, it still doesn’t work after taking it out of the container

Hmmm, I know in the past I’ve seen it intermittently work correctly based on if it was in a container, or in mobile view, or some other reason. Hard to say if it’s still a bug. I’ll have to check later, but I feel like it’s better writing better than when it was originally released. I haven’t used it much yet.

Have you written any text inside the component?


This is within the app i want to implement and have shown earlier.

it worked in another app of mine, but only on dekstop view: