🤔 Add basic text formatting to notes field? (w/ Pic) Posting from GlideApps?


How would I go about adding a feature where the user can format text.

I’d like for them to be able to do the basics of what’s inside this post box on glide, honestly.

Also, is it possible that a user could post from Glide to social media? What does that entail?


Notes feature is coming really soon in glide previews, you can enable it when it’s available

For posting from glide to social media can happen using webhook/zap
using tools like zapier/make.com to connect APIs

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It has been enabled today.


Thank you so much for the heads up!

How do I access this Notes component? I don’t see the component in my list (Maybe it’s specifically for the paid users?).

Do you have access to the Preview Features section?

I’m not sure if there are any limitations for different plans… you would have to enable it first

Firstly turn on the switch! :

Secondly search it and add it! :

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Thank you! I found the Preview Feature!

When I choose the notes component it looks like I may need a different setting for the Action?

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The action shouldn’t matter… it’s a bonus :wink: you could make it whatever you want… press the pencil :pencil2: to edit

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Ok. When I click my button I can edit my notes. But I thought I would be able to also use bold, italics, etc.

Did I miss something?

Are you using mobile or desktop view?
It’s still a bit clunky in the mobile view, so best to use desktop view for now. We’ve been told there are some improvements coming for the mobile view later this week.


Understood! Found it! Thank you very much!

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