Commonality relations for inline list?

If I have a calendar page with a list of upcoming meetings, and on the detail screen for the meeting below the list of attendees…is there a way to show a list that will display image (set to user profile photo) of all those who have something in common? For example a list displaying the photos of attendees who all want to study at morning meetings, another list showing those who want to do in person vs zoom, etc.

I could make sure the columns are on the user sheet so that they are filled in when users sign up. But what kind of (assuming) relation would I create to display something like this? Or if anyone has an example of it already done/video tutorial happy to learn from there!

Possible, but could be quite tricky.

What is your current relationship between Meetings and Attendees?
Do you have a single column in your Meetings Table that contains a joined list of Attendee ID’s, or do you have a separate table with one row per meeting per Attendee?

If the former, that’s where it’ll be quite tricky, as you essentially need to store a two dimensional value (attendee, plus preferences) in a one dimensional container (single joined list). To get this to work, you’d probably have to replace that joined list with some sort of JSON object. And that requires some fairly advanced techniques (possibly including some JavaScript coding).

If the latter, it’s not so bad. All you’d really need to do is add a “Preferences” column to your MeetingAttendees table, and fill that with a joined list of PreferenceIDs. Then you could use that to build the relations you’d need.


Ah ok! That sounds hopeful. I have both. Its a template and already had some pre-filled data along with the pre-existing columns. I don’t think i added any new ones, so let me show you both and maybe I can do that latter option you described…

Okay, let me think this through, and I’ll get back to you a bit later.

Can I assume that each Meeting Attendee will select from a fixed list of Meeting Preferences, and they can select one or more?

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Thank you so much!! Yes each attendee will already have a profile row with a few columns for various preferences (ie. where they like to meet, what time, their age, maybe even diet preference for catering, etc) and those values will be from a fixed drop down list during onboarding

oh, I see… I had it in my mind that each attendee would be selecting multiple options from a single list. But it sounds like there are a whole bunch of lists, with each selection going into a separate column.

Okay, that makes it a little more complicated.

Would you be able to give me some sample (dummy) data?
It would help to visualise the solution. A handful of rows in a Google Sheet for each of the 3 tables concerned would be good - Users, Events & Event Attendees. Just with the key columns in each.

And just to be clear - the desired end result is that when an Attendee views an Event, they should see a list of other Attendees that have similar (overlapping) preferences, yes?

Oh wait…before we get ahead of oursleves, maybe I can do that instead. Just a single list with all the preferences there…would that mean its represented in one column? ie Preferences Column

The only reason I didnt think of that is when its time to reference the preferences in an inline list…wont they all be jumbled together with no way to distinguish which were chosen? Maybe Im misunderstanding the single list option

Oh and yes to answer your question, that is the desired result! Below the rsvp is list of other attendees with similar preferences as signedin user