Comments order

Just want to propose some improvements from UX standpoint:

when I order “newest first” in Comments component I expect to see “Add Comment” at top part, before all comments. Otherwice you need to scroll down alot (imagine if you have 100 comments).


Really good point.

Unless I am reading your post incorrectly, Can’t you tag the comment with a date (arrayformula to get the date for example if you can’t set a condition directly to it) and then sort on it (Newest to oldest)

Incorrectly. Sorting working well. I just want to see Add Comment (in case of Newest first sorting) at the top part before coments, not under comments.

Also after certain comments there should be see more. Not all comments listed. only max 10 COMMENTS should be there.


I need this in my life. Surprised and soooo disappointed it’s not there…yet.