Comment Button Notifications

We are attempting to use the Comment button to start giving Android users push notifications every time people comment on the thread. In our testing, users are not able to see other users’ comments. I am assuming this has something to do with the “Topic” option on Glide? Thanks.

Topic is like a chat room. If people can view the same topic, then all comments will be grouped in that same topic/room. If each user can only see a topic that’s unique to them, then they won’t see other user comments.

When topic is set to Username for instance, users are still only able to see their own comment within that chat room because it is linked to their own username possibly? Not sure if I am missing something or if I set something up incorrectly @Jeff_Hager

If a topic is linked to the signed in user’s username, then yes, it’s going to be a unique experience for each individual user. If the topic is set to user1 when user1 is signed in, and the topic is user2 when user2 signs in, then that is two separate “rooms” and they will never see each other’s comments. If the topic is a value that’s the same for both users, such as ‘Room’, then they will see each other’s comments.

Thanks for your feedback. Do you think we would be able to send one comment to multiple topics? In theory this would allow us to keep everyone from seeing each other’s comments, but allow us to mass notify everyone. We have played around with pulling all user emails into one cell for admin use but it doesn’t look like it recognized space or comma separated emails as individual topics.

No, I don’t think that would work. As an admin, you would still only be able to access one topic at a time. Combining comma separated usernames into one topic just creates another separate topic/room with an even longer name. The topic setting is not a user access setting. It’s just the name of the “room”.