Combining two apps into 1

I’m building a staff portal app for our employees where they can access all our documents, news, notices, etc…It will also contain tutorial videos from different departments. I also thought it would be nice to include a quiz page. I bought another Glide app that was made for a quiz and you can change the info to you own and it works really well. It’s got some very technical features that allow you to see your score, re-do the tests and see your averages. It’s great and will be so cool if I can get it to work for us.
I tried to take the Google Sheet and Glide Table apart to see exactly how it works but it has so many different parts that work together between all the sheets that it will take forever to piece everything together. It’s easy enough to copy the info from the quiz sheet to my sheet and open a new tab, but the quiz app has a lot of built in columns in the Glide Table and it’s gets a bit confusing. Is there some way to just copy or import data from another app? With the Glide Tables?
Or should I just sit myself down and re-build all the columns?

I feel your pain. Unfortunately there’s no way to import an app into another app. You have to sit down and rebuild it.


Hi @Suvone , I read your post earlier but didn’t reply as I didn’t know the answer and literally just now, I tried to do it myself for a reservation screen using Event Picker to incorporate into my existing app. I trid viewing the source Google sheet, copying the layout there to try and paste into my Glide tables. Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful so looks like we’ll have to be rebuilding from scratch.

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Hi Robert, I just realised it was your quiz app that I bought😄. It’s such a great app! And so well put together, but you’ve definitely managed to but the challenge level up high. But, I don’t have much to do this weekend, so let’s do it!

I have a similar situation
Has this changed over the years?

It hasn’t, unfortuantely. You’d think 3 years later there would be SOME progress in this area :sweat_smile:

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kkkk excatly