Combining Choose + Table return

Hey guys, I am trying to do something like shown in the image! Have someone doneit?

The picture doesn’t really explain fully what you are trying to do.

Can you explain in words what is happening in the picture?

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Hey Darren,

Thanks for your reply. Basically, this is the issue:

I have a database with an Item and a characteristic.

I want to create an app where the user is able to choose an item and, based on that choice, I return the item and the characteristic in the third step (After he put his email)

Can it be done using Glide?

Yes, most certainly that can be done.

Will your users be signed in to your App? If yes, then you won’t need to collect the email address, as you’ll already have it.

For the first part, exactly how you do it depends on how you define the relationship between items and characteristics. But it can certainly be done.

I just need them to give me the email since this is intended to be a lead magnet. No login required

How can I do the relationships?

Hi, Hector_Perez!
I’m sure Darren_Murphy will give you excellent solution! But briefly:
If you have database of your items Column one is Apple, Column two is Red, so you need Template columns which combines Apple + Red
You need to configure choice component source to table with database
and values to Template column of Apple+red,
and display as field to Column one.
“Write to” will return Template column content of corresponded row.
Then you can provide text input field to user enter email and button which send combined data of the email input column and choice write column.
If is public, no login, so use all user-specific columns(except database)