🀩 Images in Choice Components!

:tada: Rejoice!

You can now add images to choice components! Currently available in Glide Pages and coming soon to Glide Apps.

This is one of the BEST feature releases of 2022! Thank you Glide!

CleanShot 2022-07-07 at 20.16.52


SUPERB!!! Thanks for sharing, Bob.


Pretty cool!
But what does it mean when i choose Write to: Relation? Actually nothing changing

God damn yes !!!

This is SUPER COOL :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:!!


Ya, I think writing to a relation is related to this post from @david:

Yes, but the application in the screenshot does not contain a connection with AT.
It would probably be interesting to have such functionality with Glide tables

Do we know when it’s gonna be available in the mobile apps ? can’t wait for that, need a lot :smiley: !

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If I were to guess, probably within the next few months (could be be sooner).

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