Column Visibility Issue with Glide Custom Queries: 'Choice

I’m encountering an issue regarding column visibility in Glide, particularly with the custom query feature. I’ve utilized Glide’s custom query feature to create a custom query for several tables in my MySQL database. This custom query generates a table in Glide. I’ve recently added a new column called ‘choice’ to this table, which is filtered based on two factors: the choices made using the choice component in the layout and the ‘if-then-else’ functionality of Glide.

When I select a choice from the layout, it reflects in the ‘choice’ column. However, when it comes to filtering the data for display in the list component, I encounter an issue. The list component’s filter feature doesn’t show the ‘choice’ column. All other columns directly from the database are visible, except for this ‘choice’ column

So that “choice” column is a user-specific text column? And you’re using it to filter the data for a list component?

Thank you very much for responding. Yes, the choice text column in the USER TABLE is reflected in the custom column of the table I created using a Custom Query. However, this custom column, which serves as a filter column, is not appearing in the layout under list options for filtering data