Coloured Component Outline


I’m wondering why my component beside got outline coloured?
and there’s no any repeating column.

It means that both input components are using the same target column (ie. they are both going to write to the same column)

But its not, as you can see

hmm, well that’s odd. I can’t explain that.
It might be another quirk in the builder. What happens if you exit the builder and go back in - does it persist?

hmm yes, still have .hmmm

Sorry, in that case I can’t help.
There might be another condition that triggers it that I’m not aware of.
Somebody else might know.

Ok Darren,

I have an app that has the same situation, but is working correctly.

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I see, ooooooo thank u Claudio!

I experience the same and I discover it happen when that column has a set value in a set column action. May be it is a little bug.


Thanks Roldy!

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