Collapse a map or make a map smaller - don't want it full screen

I am new to the community and Glide. So far, I like what I see. However, I am having some difficulties (probably user error - lol) in getting things just right.

I am creating a restaurant guide for a conference of about 1200 people. There are about 150 restaurants in the target area. Ideally, I would like for each location to be able to be seen on a map and have the map be collapsible (so it doesn’t permanently block the rest of the info). I have figured out how to place the locations on a map, but can’t figure out how to collapse the map. Also, as the attendees will all be at the same location, I would like to be able to have directions default from a single static location.

Is this possible? If anyone can assist, I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks

Are you using the Maps Style view, a maps inline list, or are you using a map component in a detail view? I don’t think there is a way to collapse a map, but the map style view does let you switch back and forth between a map and list view. As for navigation, when viewing the details for a restaurant, you should be able to a link to open an address in your phones map app or set the action for a map component to open in in you phones map app. From there the user can navigate from their current location.

I’m using a map component in a detail view. Ideally, I’d like the map to be available with the address (at the top), but not overwhelming for the rest of the information below. Can the map be collapsed or hidden and then shown with a button (like a link)?

I don’t think you can collapse a component. You could show just the address in a basic text component, then add an action of “Open map for Address”. Tapping on the address would open it in the phones map app.

Thank you. I think that will solve the problem

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