Any way to add a map to details of a single item in an inline list?

Hello, I’m brand new to Glide and working on my first couple of apps. I have a tab for a neighborhood guide that includes an inline list item: Restaurants I Recommend. I’d like to add a map to just that list item, but when I do, the map shows in the details of every item on the list. I can’t seem to find a way to display a map for just one list item and not all of them. Is there a way? Thank you!

Hi @ChristinaM

When you want to display a list of locations – many rows – on one map, you can use the map style at the screen level.

When you want to display a single location on a map – one single row – you can use a map component that will point to either a column with addresses or a column with lat-lon coordinates. This map you can display on a screen with a details style, though usually you would display this component in a details screen or edit screen.


You could add a second address column and only add the address data for the single item you want to have the map on. Then the map would only show for that one item.