Map view in New Apps

I was working on a classic app to show projects on a map, and now I need to create the same app in the new Glide version.
However, the "style “Map” does not exist in the new version of glideapps.
instead, there is a new style called: “custom”.



What is the best way now to navigate between map view and list view?

Just add a map component. While it doesnt function exactly the same, its the best we have for now


I will suggest having 2 containers.

  1. Show Map View + Map Component + Button [View List]
  2. Show List View + list collection of the map details, Location Name, description, Address or Longlat etc. + Button [View Map]

Action: On [View List] button click to toggle a boolean value (Column name - View Button) if checked set to visibility of Container Map and vice versa.

Or you can have a “Map Tab” and a hidden “List Tab”, where the Collections Title Actions just navigate to the other Tab.

The advantage of this setup over the Boolean is that it consumes 0 updates when users want to view a Map or List setup