Maps showing as Component. But not in Title

Maps showing as Component. But not in Title.

The map image is set as address.

I put them together on the same screen for this purpose. I want the Title.

Also not showing in list.

It sure would be pretty tiny at least in a list view like your example. I would suggest that this is not a bug but more of a feature request. No big deal however. It seems reasonable that if Glide can convert an address to a map image, in a details view as shown, then they should be able to convert it in other places including the Title. They would have to add a layer to the image part of the Title to select the “Image is … Map from address”.

What would you expect to happen when the user clicks on it when showing a list of items? Would you want it to open the full map or just the details of the listing?

So, there is not a way to get a map as the image for a Title Component?

I thought I saw it somewhere, must have been mistaken.

I do not mind a tiny map. I just wanted something there, and the map is the only thing that would look like a picture.


Appears current builder addresses this request, topic archived.