CNAME won't Validate Domain Using Cloudflare

I am having the same issue… I’m using Cloudflare. On my hosting account, Siteground, I setup a new Sub Domain, online.newhavenhappenings. I created an SSL cert for that subdomain.
I proceeded to Cloudflare and changed the settings as provided by Glideapp.

host TXT 9xskfYZGrQ9RFkdhPHWS

online CNAME

I cannot get the CNAME to verify. Only the TXT.

Can someone help…

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Did you get any resolution on this? I am trying to do the same thing and its approaching the 24 hour mark…

Hey Matt, for me, I had the Proxy enabled. Uncheck proxy. That should work

uncheck proxy on which record?

got it!

Same issue. I will try disable Proxy, thanks for sharing.

Just wondering though if disabling Proxies makes our CNAME publicly visible on DNS Whois searches?