Hiding DNS (CNAME and TXT records) from Whois

Has anyone thought of hiding the CNAMEs and TXT records in order to prevent the public from Whois queries the domain you use to point to GlideApps?

I understand that these need to be public to communicate with the host, however I’m wondering if you are aware of a workaround to encrypt the records?

I host my app on a subdomain belonging to my main domain and would like an additional layer of privacy.

I am not sure you can prevent Whois requests, but some domain name providers, such as Google domain, provide a useful service hiding the real owner name… Thats what I did.

Yes, that’s helpful for hiding the domain owner’s name, I have that too.

But I’m wondering how to specifically hide those DNS records.

Hum OK, I didn’t understood well…

I am not sure you can, because of legals. Not sure…

Confirmation : You can’t. It would defeat the primary purpose of the dns system: To map ip addresses to domain (or subdomain) names. For that reason all dns entries are public.

I thought Cloudflare might do the trick if you use Proxies, however it seems you need a Business Plan with them to do so.

Thanks Cristophe for checking.

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