Cloudinary vs google drive vs option 3?

Hey, i’m working on a podcast’s app, that contained also a700+ lectures,
i want to know which drive will be the best for me, because i saw that with google drive i had some problem like the fact that iphone can’t run the audio links from google, but from cloundinary it works, so i guess there is few more things that i don’t know yet that can be really critical for me in the future.

my database is already stored in google drive and i need to find new one cuz the iphone’s bug, so before i’m starting to transfer all my linksto a new one, i need to know which drive is the best for me?

a one that works fast with glide, (cloundinary works faster then google drive - with audio files) that you can recommend?

The best one is Glide’s storage, you should be able to store your audio files there and run them without any problems.

Or, as you said, next option is Cloudinary.

I have seen many reports about files being stored on Drive (both images and audios) not being able to play, so that’s not an option that we recommend.


The glide storage it’s only 10gb so i think that cloudinary it’s my only option…

The storage limits are not enforced on Pro Plans - how much storage do you expect to use?

Im using pro plan, but i need atleast 40gb.

Then you might want to speak with @Ian or someone from Glide to know how they work with apps that have more than 10GB in storage.

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Thx ! i will.

Any other option? cloudinary it’s too expensive…

So your data can’t work with the free level of Cloudinary? It’s one of the best free tiers out there but yeah it gets expensive when you need more.

I’m using 50gb+…

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