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Hi Community,

I’m building a meditation app and I’ve got some issues when IOS users try to play the updated audios.
I’ve updated both MP3 and WAV formats into my Google Drive and linked it to the player. It seems there is no error for Android, Windows and Macbooks, but iPhone users get an error.

Any suggestions on why this could be? I originally thought it was the audio format…


Generally, Google Drive is not recommended as a storage to use for Glide. We have seen various problems with Google Drive when people try to store images/videos there and display in Glide.

Please try uploading those directly to Glide to see if the problem persists.

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Interesting! Thanks

What would be the approach to upload the files to Glide?

I currently have a table with the Google Drive links that I export as audio.

How many do you have? The only way is to upload through the file picker in Glide.

Have around 10 but plan to increase it too. File picker it’s for a user to upload a file via the app no?
Isn’t there a way to upload this directly from the database then?

You can show a button only available for “admins”, and have a column in your User Profiles table to set yourself as admin.

Then, in that button, you add records and use the file picker to upload your files.

In your existing records, you can use an edit button and follow the same flow as above.

That’s one way—

Here are a couple more ways to upload files directly to Glide without the file picker component:


Great one. I was viewing the link component and thinking we can’t upload through links, turns out images accept all files. Thanks for sharing!

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Ya…it doesn’t accept large video files yet though…at least not on free plan.

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yeah, I’m not sure how long it’s been there, but I only recently noticed the “URL” option when adding images via the GDE…

This is incredibly useful.

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Ya. Been using that liberally for the past couple weeks at least. It’s so much better then switching my column to text to input an image URL. My only beef is that I can’t click on an image cell, ctrl/cmd C to copy and then paste the URL elsewhere. I’m FORCED to switch it to a text column in order to copy/paste.

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If you don’t mind an extra column, you can just add a template column to get at the URL’s

(then you can click inside any cell to select/copy the URL)

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