Cloudinary Numbers


Just a thought. Maybe no one will use this but it is an interesting idea.

Using Cloudinary and any Transformation that uses numbers…

The direct link to the image pixelated by a power of 85


Notice the 85 there in the middle.

We can change that pixelation number every time someone interacts with the app (fills out a form/completes a challenge/assignment)

Here is the app

The form in the app will reduce that amount by 5 each time until the number is zero (no pixelation)

So maybe an image becomes more and more clear as people (students) interact with the app.

Other examples, the image could ‘grow’ with each interaction. You could make it more or less blurry!

Again, maybe not much here, but it sure if fun to manipulate the images through URL


Oh my Goodness that’s genius! Could work with zooming out or reducing less blur. It makes want to keep pushing the button! Talk about user engagement. What other uses for this?

Besides a button, could increase/decrease count by the more people to chat in the app or complete challenges or log in or ___???

Of course, there’s applications for treasure hunts / Easter eggs / solving puzzles…any way to incorporate boss battles? What other filters can be applied?

Awesome find!

Still just playing around

I added a tab.

There is a photo of a crowd zoomed in

The form asks you to guess how many people are in the crowd.

After each guess, the photo zooms out a little to show a little more …

So each guess will lead to a little more information…

take a look …

2 Likes is also a great way to do such things, and the free plan is great.


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Nice…if ever I run out of credits in cloudinary, imagekit might be a great alternative!

Hm…I like how ImageKit places the transformation parameters at the end of the URL. Might save some headache in concatenating. Nice find @Christophe_HK!