More Cloudinary Magic: progress bars!

Just figured out how to make a progress bar on the bottom of an image. Until built-progress bars for card/tiles view exist, this will do!

Tutorial in the works!


Waiting…for tutorial…:slight_smile:

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:open_mouth: Can’t wait for the tutorial.

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Video has been processing on YouTube for an hour now…sorry for the delay!


Does the video have a “cool progress bar”?

No…so lame. Thinking I need to reupload.

This is stellar @Robert_Petitto! Looking forward to your tutorial on this.

I let the video upload then left the house. I’ll be back home in an hour and then reupload. Stay tuned!


How dare you go out…where is your commitment to glide and the community? :slight_smile: think you need to give more of your free time to us. :wink:


I literally laughed out loud. Too funny. T-Minus 15 minutes for the video all you patient people! Audio isn’t the greatest—had to record using an AirPod because of background noise.

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Excited to see how this works and whether it will work across several sheets… thanks for sharing!

As promised!


One word - brilliant. Thanks for working through this and making a video. Makes complete sense, well explained. Strange about the images when it is zero progress, just trying to think through why the roundness potentially causes an issue. Top work :+1:

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Or maybe it’s not the roundness! Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a width of 0. Gonna see if I add .001 to the width if it shows then. Stay tuned!

0% vs 10%

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That would make sense. Thanks

@Robert_Petitto You do an awesome job describing how you do a certain feature. Cloudinary are lucky to have you in the community :slight_smile:


Same for you! Your panorama trick was spot on.

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It was the rounded corners! :frowning:

Setting the width to 0.0 with rounded corners resulted in a 400 error. Removing the rounded corners allowed the image to work. Oh well.

No Rounded Corners for now.


Set an “if” column to use rounded corners if % > X and not if % < X?

I was thinking about this!

“Great minds…” :wink:

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