Animated Progress Circle?

We’d love to have a progression circle (hopefully animated) that we could display for each our intakes. The progression would represent 5 or six “stages” to keep clients informed on the progress.

Anyone have any guidance on how we could do that in Glide?

You can get some ideas here. Not exactly a circle, but they have some good “progess bars”.

I know @Robert_Petitto has done a circle before. I think with Quickchart.

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Ya, I use quickchart’s radial chart for progress rings.

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Hey @Robert_Petitto - thanks for the reply. A couple of questions…

  1. Would this be something that is used in a web or code embed in the page, or something that would use a code embed?

  2. I would need to get some sort of variable in to the code to display the current status - is there some resource that you are aware of where I could learn more?

I actually use an Image component. Check out my gamification series. I think I talk about this in Episode 2:

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