Glide with cloudinary

Hi gliders,

So inspired by my new hero @Robert_Petitto I stated to did into the options that cloudinary allows and built this demo app that allows to manipulate images uploaded to glide directly.

Although the choices are in Hebrew it’s still fun to play and I hope you’ll enjoy.

Cheers! yinon


Strange, both the image picker and the choice component are grayed and can’t be used… ?

Care to upload image?

I disconnect and reconnect and it’s working perfectly well!

Great app yinon!

Except that covid masks don’t help for face recognition… :grin:

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good job of manipulating the URL. I love the thought process here …

I have to give the credit to @Robert_Petitto, he did all the heavy lifting, I just followed his tutorials and added some more manipulations

Nice that it worked on the drawing :+1: