Clicking on view detail leads to a blank screen

Suddenly when I click on an item in my main list of items to attempt to go to the detail screen for that item I get a blank screen. Not just a Glide page without any content…the entire browser window is blank. In an attempt to troubleshoot it I went into the underlying google sheet and used the version history to restore a version of the sheet when the app was working, but that was not the issue.

I have no idea what to do, since I can’t even get into view the detail screen to try to remove components.

Did you make any changes prior to the issue with the blank screen? If so, what did you change? Did you add or change any components? Did you add or change any computed glide columns?

I had been working on a function to allow users to create a list and add items to that list. It involved related columns, but I had tested it and it worked. And no component related to that was displayed in the detail screen that is failing. One other intervening issue that may provide a clue is that for a day or two a google script failed and the result was the the main google sheet was empty. During that time I launched the app (that’s how I discovered it) but that just meant there were a bunch of empty fields. I’ve since fixed it, the sheet is populated and everything displays normally except that detail screen…

As soon as I hit “send” on that last message, I went back in and tested and now the problem is not occurring…everything is displayed normally.

I’m guessing something on my back end that was maybe taking too long to load? Anyway, all is normal for now.

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Good to here it’s working! I have ran into issues similar to that in the past, but it was usually due to a poorly formed relation or something that I did that caused glide to error. Usually in those cases I had to either work quick, or find a way to access the data and break the relation so I could delete the offending column. Kind of hard to explain. Maybe something wasn’t fully synchronized for you, but now it corrected itself. :man_shrugging:

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