View Detail Action leads to a blank browser screen in Detail-View in Glide editor, but visible on published app

As described, when go to view the detail the entire browser tab just goes black… so I cannot edit any layouts downstream of this.

-I CAN View: Actions, Tables, layouts other than this particular one.

Anyone encounter this?

The most similar post I could find was: Clicking on view detail leads to a blank screen - which seemed to resolve itself -

It’s been almost 2 weeks since a ticket made, so far without a fix or anything beyond “working on it” ; Time to make decisions about rebuilding is nigh, but I am afraid it’s something simple/dumb on my part that could save me loads of time rebuilding.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Is it viewing “this item”, or something else?

Can you try duplicating the component, clear the action and reinstate it?

Thanks @ThinhDinh … it is viewing “This Item”… Thanks for suggestion - should have mentioned that I have duplicated both the component and the application itself.

I was just told it was a bug and they are working on a fix… so I’ll post any updates if they seem useful.

Thanks again

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