Clearbit Enhance Contact Help

Good morning,
I’m using the enrich contact function from Clearbit, however, I can’t find a way to determine when the clearbit enrich contact call is complete. As a result, if I add a contact named Bob and then a minute later I add a contact named Betty, I still get Bob’s enrich contact information in my table, before it’s had time to run the return call.
Anyone know how I could wait until Enrich Contact is complete?
Any help appreciated.

How does your flow for adding Contacts work?

I would expect that if you were adding Contacts via a regular form, then each Contact would go into a new row, and the behaviour you’re describing should never happen.

But it sounds like you might be using some sort of custom form with User Specific columns?

You’re absolutely right. Instead of creating a new row each time (during the add a new contact flow) I’m using a temp table and user-specific fields. Is there a way to do this, or should I just add a new row every time a new contact process is started?
Thanks for the quick response.

Well, with a Custom Form the usual practise is to clear all the User Specific columns as the Form is opened. That would probably solve your problem.

But, do you actually need a custom form in this case?
I’m guessing that you’re adding the Clearbit responses when your form is submitted with an Add Row action?

That’s probably not necessary. If you add your Clearbit columns to your Contacts table, then you can just use a regular Form screen and target it at your Contacts table. That would probably be a cleaner and simpler approach.

I’m doing a duplicate check and a company duplicate check as well as augmenting the contact information in a multi-step add… I’ll shoot a little video to explain. I am clearing the user-specific fields at the end of the process, but I still can’t get the Clearbit response timing correct before I move to the next step.

Hey @Darren_Murphy… so I took your suggestion and added a new row instead of using just a user specific row. That works… I think. :slight_smile: I’ll do some more testing and if it ends up having some sort of issue I’ll let you know. Thank you so much!