Clear values in Edit screen

On Edit screen, I have few containers which gets added one by one by using Add or Remove button.

I want to clear the values in last row when I click on Remove but the values are not clearing. This is the Action I am using.

Can someone help to understand why its not working?

Are you sure your action is not falling to the else? You could dbl check by putting some notifications in your action

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Hi Eric, thank you for reply. the action is falling to the Else. I am not sure why its not picking up the condition? Is it because I am on Edit screen and value is not yet written to the database?

Is labels a one row table?

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Yes, all are in one row.

I think the issue is the conditions can’t be read in the native edit screen…

Your action passes the else because it has no condition on it.

I don’t use native screens much so I was just playing around with one but couldn’t find a workaround


Thank you the responses.

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