Clear value doesn't work

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In this app, the goal is to move values between rows.
The Google spreadsheet of data has columns A, B, and move_to, and we want to move the value of B to the row specified by move_to.We also use the relation column to connect the rows to be moved.
The button has a custom action that copies column B of that row to the target row, and then clears the value with “Clear value”.
At first glance, this app seems to work well, but after a while, the old values appear to be back (like zombies). I’ve uploaded a YouTube video of it in action, so check it out.(Glide Bug clear value - YouTube)
You can see these values from the Glide screen, but not from the Google spreadsheet. It’s a mystery value.
This is probably a bug, but if there is an effective solution, please let me know.

After some testing, this problem does not seem to occur when using Glide Tables. Therefore, this problem may be caused by the integration with Google Spreadsheets.
For now, I’ll use Glide Tables as a solution. We are still looking for solutions.

I have the same issue in my apps now. It’s causing me a ton of rework time :frowning:

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Same issue here, also with delete row


Delete row is so slow I am now working around it wherever I can (I still delete the row, but I do not rely on it being deleted)


I haven’t even bothered trying the Delete Row action - I’m just so used to doing it with a script.
If I want a row deleted, I just tag it and hide it, and then let my housekeeping script take care of it.
Even if I was to start using the Glide Delete Row action, I think I’d still want my housekeeping script, otherwise I’d wind up with holes everywhere in my GSheets :persevere:


There does appear to be a syncing/timing issue somewhere with delete row. Also often get the ping pong effect. I need ‘delete row’ to be a thing I can rely on in glide. Maybe one day :wink:

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Can confirm it’s the same problem here. Sometimes I get it to work, but most of the time it’s not quick enough or not even fired.

Hola Thinh

What about if you set/write zero (0) to your row as plan B (if your column is numeric)?

This should work while this rare bug is fixed.


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Thanks for the alternative choice. I think your option will work well for when I want to hide something, but for deleting something I might need a script to make it reliable (if the data is in Google Sheets).

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Darren is right, Have the row cleared then have a simple script run every night that deletes blank rows.
Something like this should work for you and just run it on a timer:

 function removeEmptyRows() {
 var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
 var allsheets = ss.getSheets();
 for (var s in allsheets){
 var sheet=allsheets[s]
 var maxRows = sheet.getMaxRows(); 
 var lastRow = sheet.getLastRow();
if (maxRows-lastRow != 0){
  sheet.deleteRows(lastRow+1, maxRows-lastRow);

Well, we are talking about “Clear value”… clear a column’s row, delete a (whole) row is another thing :upside_down_face:

your plan C to carry out a “Clear Value” action into a Numeric column is write a text value (whatever) to it.

In this way, Glide sets an empty space to that row like a real “clear value” action.


Try it!

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Thanks, actually my original comment was a reply to Mark about the delete row problem. Cool tricks anyway!

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