Cleaning up excess google sheets in project

As a new user I have used GDE as a sandbox and for development.

Many ideas that have been scrapped (especially tables I don’t need anymore) which still sit in the Google sheet and the GDE.

I need to start deleting these sheets (after checking ‘use’).

My plan was:

  1. Make a copy of the Google sheet as an archive.
  2. Delete ALL not-in-use sheets from google (project has about 30 ‘not-in-use’ tables out of 80ish currently in the project - a mixture of Glide and gSheets)
  3. Let it sync and pray…

Feedback appreciated!

Should be fine.
As long as you check each column with “Find all Uses” first, then deleting a sheet from a Google Spreadsheet is perfectly safe. When I do this, I generally delete all computed columns in the related Glide Table one by one first. Not really necessary, but I generally prefer to err on the side of caution.


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