Classifieds App

Hello all,

This is my first post. I have very little knowledge of programming and I am learning how to use this great tool, which is very intuitive for me. Before moving on, I would like to know if it is possible to build a classified/listings app, where users can upload their classified after paying for it. Additionally, given that my country is very limited in terms of online payments options, I would need to use a local oe-payments company. I would also like users to be able to search the classifieds database, ideally by price ranges, location areas, etc.
If you believe this is doable and can help me in getting the correct free template to start with, it would be great. I want not only to start up the business but also to do the app, as a way to learn a new skill.

Thanks a lot!

Hey Martin!
Welcome to the community.

I don’t know the payment options in your country, but the rest of the app should be easily doable with Glide.

Unfortunately, there is no free template in the Glide store that is along the lines of a Classifieds app. There are a few paid templates that you can explore.

Thank you for your answer! Which would be the templates available with these functionalities?

Classifieds is a very broad topic.
There are a few in the real estate space.

On the templates store page, search for “real estate” and you should find a few.