Chrome on iphone not finding app url

My client found this, I haven’t been able to reproduce this, as I don’t have an iphone. We would like the app to be ready by today.

My app’s URL:
Platform: Iphone 11

When she opens the link, it correctly takes her to firefox, and gets to the app. But if she copy/pastes the URL into chrome, she gets the google page with the error: Your search - - did not match any documents. I’ve asked her to try to use, but she gets the same error. and are two different domains. Only the first is correct.

Sorry that was a typo, The error message should read : Your search - did not match any documents

If I do a Google search for “”, I get what you describe. When I paste it into the address bad, it loads the app. I suspect your client is searching for the URL on Google, not entering it correctly.

How should she enter the URL into chrome? She’s only aware of the search, which BTW says “Search or Type

I’m sorry but we cannot help your users with Chrome. I am sure she is entering it with a space or somehow not typing it as a URL.