Impossible to open my Apps

Hi everybody,

Since this afternoon, when i try to open some apps in Chrome, i’ve an error message : “Error: could not handle the request”.
If i copy and paste the address or use the flashcode, it’s the same issu.

What can i do ?

Can you share a link to an app where this is happening? for example

Is there any chance that you changed the app link in the Share dialog? What is the app ID?

Yes but it’s the last app link… Where can i find the App ID ?

I have this issue with followings apps :

It’s resolved for the first two but not for the third.
When I click on the link, there is no more error message but the page remains blank.

@david Today new issues with :

Looking into it now.

Are you embedding large data: urls in your app somehow, for images? We suspect that somehow you are embedding images into the app itself, rather than using URLs, and this is crashing the server when the app is loaded.

If this is the case, please let us know, and try removing the images for now—use URLs instead.

It still doesn’t work … I only use URLs of photos hosted on Google Drive or Unspash. In the first app i have only one photo in google drive and one in unspash.

We found that it’s the complexity of this app, and number of computed columns, causing the memory issue. I believe @Mark wants to get in touch with you to look more closely at the app.


Thank you very much :wink: