Chrome issue?

Images are stored in google sheets - do show under chrome:

How do these images appear in your Glide Table?

Stored via google sheets in dropbox

The simple solution would be to store them in in Glide’s storage since Dropbox isn’t exactly recommended.

Even better…since they are just color images, you can use emoji as images, or you can use the ‘Image from Color’ column. Either way, you wouldn’t have to store an actual image anywhere.

But, is there a difference between the red and yellow image? Are they in different dropboxes? Maybe one that is publicly shared and the other that isn’t?


The simple solution would be to announce that certain functionalities will seize to exist…so we do not have to fix what used to work before…
As a matter of interest Safari on a MAC does not display images as of recently, either

How ever on an iphone it still works:

It’s been well documented since the beginning of Glide’s existence that hosting images outside of Glide can and has been problematic in some cases. This is nothing new and not due to any changing functionality.

This is explained in the documentation: