Choosing more than one subject at a time

I keep trying this over, and over, and I keep having the same problems. I can never choose more than one subject at a time. I think it is because I don’t have my user’s email address going to the Person column. But my Form is always in Profile. My Subjects components are always pulling from the Subjects sheet. Because they’re pulling from the Subjects sheet, I’m not able to send the user’s email address to the Person column, I guess, because the Person column is in the Tutors sheet. I guess that’s the problem. I keep creating these subject choice components and, no matter where I put them, I can never select more than one subject at a time. When I just submit one, it doesn’t show up on the Tutors sheet. I guess cause I can’t send the email to the Person column.

The one subject I was able to choose actually showed up in my Subjects sheet.

That suggests that your choice components are configured with your Subjects sheet as the target (Data).

Yeah, I can change that to Tutors, but I can’t change it to “Person” in the Tutors sheet. All my subjects disappeared anyway. I’m going to sleep. Maybe tomorrow something will work. I don’t have the heart to find out how much damage I’ve done to the rest of the app right now. I thought I was just deleting all the subjects components that seemed to be in the wrong places, but it seems that I’ve deleted more than that.