Filter Contact form

Hi all!
So basically i have a “Contact us” tab, and i want to give users the choice between 3 subjects: General Inquiries, Report Bug and Other. The idea is to help me better filter the reason why the user is contacting me.
How can i have a column that is automatically filled by one the 3 choices in my sheet.


What do you mean by “automatically filled”? Is there a logic that can be applied to automatically assign a contact form to a subject type, or will users have to input themselves?

First sorry if i’m not clear enough, i’m not native english.
So i need to make users choose between 3 categories (General Inquiries, Report Bug and Other) on my side i would like to only have one sheet that will be automatically filled by the chosen category and the form answers.
Hope this picture will help!

Can you set a choice component inside the form, that will record to a “Category” column for each record? Is that the setup you want?

The problem is when the user opens the hamburger and click on ‘Contact us’ i can’t seem to find a way to have him directly arrive to the form page…

I have had a usecase like this too.
But for your purpose, you can simply have the user select the reason for contacting using a Choice control.

But I wish I could pass hardcoded values, without having the user to select the choice component.

Do you mind sharing some screenshots or a video of the current flow for the user?