Multiple categories in edit mode

Hi, can someone explain please how I can mark in edit mode more than one categorie for a contact?
I have a choicefield and I have 3 category columns in the sheet but in the app I only can mark 1 category…

thank you

Then you should have multiple categories field to store your choices I guess.

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Add 3 separate choice components

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THX, so for example, if a contact / client is interested in

  • football
  • sailing
  • motorcross
    I have to built 3 columns like “interested in 1” | “intrested in 2” | “interested in 3”
    and than in “Edit mode” or “New entry mode” I have to ask for all 3 of them in different fields?

There is no chance to get this interests with multi-choice Drop-Downlist in only one field, right?

Yes that’s true.

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