Create form including lots of subcategories

Hey, I’m stuck on this.

I need to create a form that allow user to classify an item with multiple categories and subcategories.
On data, I have a table with all the categories, subcategories and their relations.
I have a table for the item with five column to enter five categories per items.
On form screen I have multiple choice elements that are data filtered by the selected category in the previous choice element. (So each time a user select a category, he can only choose a related subcategory of its previous selection)

I see no problem with the first and second level.
But once user reach the 3rd level, its more complicated.
If an user select all 5 different categories then change his mind, go back on its selection and choose in category 3 a category that doesn’t have more subcategories and click on submit, it will write in item table in category column 4 & 5 data from the first user’s selection. That’s my problem.

Any idea on how I should do to do good?

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