Append a choice component list with a new value automatically after completing a form!

The scenario:

  1. Assign a category to a task item using a choice component that’s pulling from a list of categories in a “Category sheet”
  2. If the category doesn’t yet exist, create a new category AS YOU CREATE THE TASK and add it to the “Categories” sheet

The solution:

  1. Create a relation between the task category column and the list of categories in the “Categories” sheet
  2. Create a multistep On Submit Action that checks if the relation is empty/not empty (category exists/doesn’t exist)

Great Video @Robert_Petitto Thank you for tutorial


I do something very similar to this in one of my apps.
Except in my case, the text input component is initially hidden, and I provide an “Other” option in the choice component.
If the user selects “Other”, then the text input component is revealed, and the user is prompted to describe the new choice item.
And then this gets added as a new row to the choices column when they submit.


Awesome! Anything that can be “dynamic” helps!

So, you could use a similar setup here to check to see if Usernames are available (if available, show text entry field) or unavailable (someone already chose that particular name; do NOT show text entry field), correct?

For that use case, I’d use the same technique that Bob describes in his video. ie. whether or not a relation is empty.

For the case that I described, I’m just using a screen condition (if usc-choice equals Other)

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You bet!

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PS: that little walk at the beginningwas great :rofl: like “oh, there’s a cam here! Lemme show a new magic!”

Ha! Ya, it would have a much better effect if I had remembered to record in front of my Green screen :man_facepalming:

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