Choice to appear as selected/default from earlier choice

Hi, I’ve managed to create a filter when the Customer ID is automatically selected after choosing the company name.

My question is, how can we automatically make the Customer ID selected at default? This reduces 1 step for my users.


Do you need to write both the Name and ID to the form submission sheet? Better option could be to leverage the values/display option in the choice component. In the choice component, display the company name, but set the “value” to the customer ID. Then, if you need the company name in the submission sheet, use a relation+lookup columns or use a vlookup array formula in the Google sheet.


Currently this is what i have to do:


I’m avoiding the use of vlookups, want to see if there’s another way.

You don’t have to use a vlookup, you can just write the ID straight to the destination sheet using the method Bob recommended.

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