Script Needed - Please help!

Can anyone help me with a script that can copy from one cell down to the another (same column) when a new row is created? I need a default value in a choice component that’s not in a form and the only way that I can think to do it is to have the needed default value in the #2 cell then have it auto-populate on row creation.

Please help!

Hola @drascon,

Does it have to be a Script or would something like this help?

If that’s not what you are looking for, maybe @Darren_Murphy, or @ThinhDinh or @Drearystate might be able to help.

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If you need the same value every time then you can have a text entry that has a default value and just hide it in the form, it would still write.

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Hey @SantiagoPerez - whatever I can use to automate it is what I need!

@ThinhDinh I need a default value on a choice component (weight based calculator) so I still need the choice component vs the basic text

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So do you mean that inside a form, you want a choice component to have a default value? I’m just trying to understand what you want to have here, if you’re talking about the choice component, is it inside the form or for a later process? Probably some screenshots would help.

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Disregard this :man_facepalming:

I’m not sure what the issue was but before, when a weight was entered into the calculator, if the measurement was not chosen it would produce and display the values for BOTH (pounds and kgs). It isn’t doing it now.

Sorry guys and thank you both for your quick responses!!