Choice drop down not listing all items

I have a choice drop down pulling from a list of about 130 items, set to multi-choice. It does not show all the items, after about 100 it asks for the remainder to be searched - ‘Search to find more’. The problem is that for the use case there is no way of bringing up a keyboard to type and search.

Can you explain more about this? Do you mean Glide doesn’t allow a keyboard for the user to type?

It’s being used on a touchscreen TV. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to bring up the keyboard so the scroll and tap function is the only way to make a selection

Is there any way to categorize those choices? Maybe have a choice component of higher level categories that the user chooses from, then use that result to filter the choices in a second choice component.

I tried that but the choice is set to multiple (up to 30 choices can be made). When the filter is applied, it wipes the previous selections and enters the current selections only. This is probably due to how I’ve set it up but I couldn’t get it work with a filter so went back to the full list.

Understood. I guess the only other thing I can think of is to break it down into multiple choice components, and then merge the results together with a template column in the table.

That would work. It’s not a huge issue as the TV is connected to a PC so if the item is out of the drop down range it can be searched via the PC. Still, it would be great to expand the drop down to include all items. The idea is that students use the classroom TV to tap their name to add themselves to a team. Having to use the PC defeats the purpose (although it only affects students with names in the S to Z range)

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Ok, thinking outside the box here. I don’t know if Mac has this option, but Windows has an option to bring up a software keyboard. You can have it display in the taskbar and enable it as needed. I can flip the screen around on my laptop, so it becomes a tablet, so I’ve used this onscreen keyboard at times.



That’s a good idea, pinned to the taskbar so it’s always available :+1:

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