Choice components drop down, is hidden behind the form

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:
The choice components drop down, is hidden behind the form. (on all forms in the app)

Expected behavior:
The choice components drop down should be in front of the form.

How to replicate:
The choice components drop down used to be in front of all the forms, but now they are all hidden behind all the edit and add forms in the app.

Link to demo recording:

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FYI - I’ve noticed similar behavior but with the Date component. For the Date component, at least, the issue only exists in the app builder and not in the live app itself.

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Did you manage to find a work-around for the date field? I haven’t tested on a published app but I cannot select any date from the date popup in the editor…

My app is published, so if I need to use the fields to enter data, I’m doing it from within the app as a workaround.

Please submit a ticket here.

After a few days, everything is now working fine again. And yes, the front did show correctly.

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