Trying to add choice component to forms page

I added a form container to a blink page. when i go to add a choice button to that page it does not show up on the app at all. Ive been trying to fix this for hrs can someone please help.

So you are adding the choice component inside the form container, or outside of it?

Does the table, that your screen is attached to, contain any rows? Is the screen attached to an existing row? I only ask these two questions in the event that you inadvertently placed the choice component outside of the form container.

ive tried to add it with the form container then i deleted the form container and tried to add it on a blank page, and it will not work either way. I seen on a forum where it said you must be in detailed view. I was in custom, but there’s no detailed view in my styles section. And yes there is rows on my table.

With the new Apps (Pages), all screens are technically detail screens, unlike Classic Apps, which did have list only screen types.

Could you take some screenshots of your entire screen layout (including the component layout in the lower left component panel), the choice component configuration, and a shot of the table that is the source of your screen (not the form container source)? I would think that as long as your choice component is within the form container, it definitely should show up, unless you have a visibility condition on that component.

ok i successfully added the choice button to the page. I changed the source, and it added. I’m new to this app just started today, and have a few more questions, can i ask them on this thread?

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If it’s a separate question, it’s preferred to to start a new thread.

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