Unable to add choice component to layout

I am unable to add choice component in my layout, despite refreshing my layout page multiple times I am unable simply add this I don’t the reason behind this

Is there a column in the table that can accept the choice component input?
Also, is there at least one row in the table?

There are multiple rows in the table and multiple column and yes there is a column that can accept choice

So when you try to add a choice component, what actually happens?

Can you show me a screen shot of the table that is the source of the screen you are trying to add it to?

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Nothing happens I am not sure what to send you in screenshot

They are screenshots of the layout. I was asking for a screenshot of the table that the layout is attached to - from the Data Editor.

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I want to add choice over Meter Type

What is your Data Source?
Is that a Big Table, or an SQL data source?

I’m not sure, but could the issue be that your data source is read only?


My Data source is not read only and I removed all constraints but stilll I am unable to add choice component

What constraints have you removed? Is the screen you’re viewing actually tied to a row?

We removed all the dead constraints and screen is attached to specific row using using Glide Relation

Not sure what you mean by “attached to specific row using Glide relation”. Can you attach some screenshots on how you navigate to that row?

I have marked the row in yellow from which data is coming into the layout. Basically, I am displaying this row’s data in a list. Now, because this row is linked to a table (using a glide relation), I want to add a choice over a column in this relation, which is marked in blue.

Do you need more information from my end ?

I was asking to see if your screen where you want to place a choice component is actually tied to a row. There are cases where we have filters on the tab/screen level that makes the tab/screen floating in no man’s land, and I assume in those cases you can not attach a choice component because there’s no basic column to write to.

Thus, I need info about your front end, more than your back end, but an explanation on both would be nice (how the front end components are tied to your back end).

I have a Property table (think of it as a building). Then there is a PropertyUnit table (think of the units as apartments) inside the Property (i.e., building). There is also a Meter table, which contains meter information for each property. The Meter table has a foreign key, propertyUnitID, linking it to the PropertyUnit table. It has another foreign key, but we’ll skip that for now. Note: There can be 3-4 meters attached to a single property unit.

Now, my data source is set up as follows: I created a table using a query to get all values from the Property table (Table Property). I created another query which gives all property units and meters inside that property (Table B (Property Unit and Meter Relation in screenshot).

Next, I established a relation between the Property table and Table B (property Unit and Meter Relation in Screenshot). Now I use this table for my first screen I display list of all properties

For the layout details: I show a list of all properties on my first screen. Once a property is selected from this list, we arrive at the second screen. On this screen, I can use Table B (Property Unit and Meter Relation) to show another list of property units and meter inside this property. I’ve merged property units and meters into a single table (Table B - Property Unit and Meter Relation Relation). Now instead of displaying property unit detail on this next screen I am using all content of meter from Table B so it shows all meter of property units on screen (see screenshot)

Now, I want to add a choice component over this inner list so that the user can select the meter type and he will be shown all meter inside the property. As mentioned, there are 3-4 meters attached to a single property unit, but I am unable to add a choice component on my second screen.

On your last screen does it help if you add a custom
Collection with the propertyUnitAndMeterTable relation as its source and a choice component inside your custom collection?

Assuming you have a basic column to hold the choice value in your propertyUnitAndMeterTable I think that should work

Hello Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, I don’t get your question/explanation

If you want to add a choice component inside of a list the only way to do that is with a custom collection.

I’m suggesting to add a custom collection to your screen. The source of that custom
Collection should be your propertyUnitAndMeterTable relation. If you add a choice component inside the custom collection it will write to the propertyUnitAndMeterTable