Choice component - can't select data source

I’ve added a Choice Component to my app, but I’m unable to:

a) select the Data Source. The option does not appear in the Content section
b) change the table to which I want to write the data. Not sure if this is a bug, or if there is a setting I haven’t enabled elsewhere? It automatically selected ‘Sessions’ as the Data: Write To field, and I’m unable to switch to my Worktable which is where I want to write the choice output.

This is because you’ve selected the relation column as the source for the choice component. When you do this, Glide intelligently sets up these column associations for you. If you’d like to do it manually, change your relation to the sheet itself in the data source.

Thanks for your response, Robert. I actually didn’t choose the relation column - it was chosen for me when I added the Choice component, and I wasn’t able to change the data source to the table I wanted.

As a workaround, I created a new screen and selected my Options Table as the data source for the screen. Then when I created a new Choice component in that screen, it allowed me to write to the correct field, and select the Options Table as my data source.

I don’t know if that is the normal setup process in order to get the options to show for the Choice component, but this allowed me to get the settings I needed.

The correct field should be on the same table as the screen you’re building on.

The default relation choice to write to can be changed to the correct field above, and then you should be able to point to any table for the “choices”.


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