Choice component feeded by different data source

Which are the cases (or required conditions) where I can use a choice component with independent source data in a form?
For example, I have the table Estimate with a field called “RepairType”. When I want to create a new Estimate, that field must be filled by a choice component. That choice component is fed with another table called RepairTypeOptions.
Curious case: I have two screens. Screen one: It makes what I want (Show new form → target data of form submission: “MyTable” including choice component feeded by “AnotherTable”). Screen two: it can not be made same thing as screen one.

Can you explain more on this? What do you mean by “it can not be made the same thing”? You should be able to point choice components to any tables.

I’m sorry. I’ve learned that I can choose any data source just selecting target field to write first.

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