Choice component Source error

choice component is not showing the source field, is it because I am using from inside another form?? by default it is showing the choices from the parent form’s table
your check in the screenshot.

Difficult to tell too much from your screen shot, although I do see that you are writing to a relation column.

Is that deliberate?

That error got solved, now the source field is available.

Can you specify what error it was so that people can be aware when this happens next time? Thank you.

@ThinhDinh As you can see in the above screenshot, the source field is not available for choice component, only images and display as fields are available, because the source field is not available i was not able to display the values as dropdown, which i wanted

So what did you change to get the source field to show?

@ThinhDinh , No I didn’t do anything, i tried refreshing , logout and login often, still it didn’t work, after some time the source field was available by itself

That’s weird. Please let us know if you see that behaviour again.

@ThinhDinh Sure, I will.

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